I recently applied for an internship position with the luxury footwear brand Ganor Dominic, and although not making it to the next round of the application process, I am still really proud of what I managed to create for the application.

My love for marketing doesn’t originate from a degree specialism or from any formal experience or training, I just really enjoy creating content and thinking “what if…?”. This is how I approached the task that I was set by the company. They are very much concerned with their visual aesthetic as the shoes they create are completely unique, so in a content creation role, this is everything!

The first task set was to analyse their Instagram page, make some comments and suggest any developments you might make. With the visual aesthetics buzz-phrase ringing in my ears, I turned to Canva to present my ideas.

Instantly one of my main focal points was that they had an image as their profile photo. After conducting some research on their peers, I concluded the most put-together Instagram pages tended to feature a more simple, minimalist logo as their profile photo. It just drew the page together and established their own personal brand – so I also took the liberty of producing a few mock logos on the upper-left hand side to give an idea of what this could look like. Similarly, the story highlights would benefit from uniform covers to bring cohesion to the page.

I also thought their bio was too full of information – their tagline “shoes as a form of art” I thought should appear as the primary line.

Overall I thought their page represented them well as a brand and they utilised the tools and widgets made for businesses on Instagram effectively. I enjoyed this first task, it was beneficial to give perspective being in their consumer demographic but also from a marketing point of view – what are their competitors/peers doing? Is it working? Could they employ similar things on their own page?

The second task involved making a Pinterest board to show how you would visually develop their page. So as well as creating this, I made a second page on Canva to explain my choices.

I took some time to scroll back through their posts and campaigns of seasons gone by. I made two main points here. First of all, moving into the A/W season I think that they should bring back the beautiful and rich tones of red/orange/brown that we find in the Autumn. Secondly, as their USP is centred around “faces”, to bring this back into focus and move away from the full body photos that featured on their page. As you can see from the document, I suggested a campaign that they could employ and use to develop their page moving into the next season.

The Pinterest board I created to gather inspiration can also be found here:

The third and final task was to conceptualise how to make their Instagram stories more engaging, providing a visual example of how to do this. They did only want a short paragraph but this task really struck a chord with me and I produced 2 pages…! I am absolutely able to stick to briefs and details but I was so motivated by this task I couldn’t leave a single bit out.

I created a 4 page tap-through proposing a very simple concept and very simple poll question at the end to help drive their engagement, giving them an idea of how / how many of their followers interact with them.

I saw the idea on the Sergio Rossi Instagram page and from a consumer point of view, it worked well and there wasn’t too much information to digest.

The final page prompted consumers to visit the page of the shoe they preferred and there would be the swipe up feature to allow them to access their website very easily.

On this page, I spoke more about how I thought they could drive page engagement. Over lockdown, they started a competition prompting followers to recreate a famous painting or piece of art. This seemed to work so well, but I introduced a more casual idea for the not-so artistically inclined consumer base. I also reiterated my point of utilising the Instagram story tools, such as questions, to create rapport and dialogue between the business and consumer and actually find out what they would like to see on the page.

This was my first major task involving social media analysis and content creation, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. I think that the best way to learn any kind of skill is through hands-on, physical practise which is what I am aiming to do to foster and grow my skillset in the marketing world.

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