The days are getting shorter, the air is a little bit chillier, leaves are starting to pile up on the pavements… so we must be that much closer to Autumn and Winter. I love the summertime, the rare sunny days and vitamin D that we are blessed with in the UK but AW fashion is the best of the best. With the pandemic still overshadowing our daily lives and the move to more remote “offices”, comfy loungewear has been replacing the blazers, blouses and trousers of our work wardrobes. However, that doesn’t mean fashion trends have stopped there. Keeping in mind the importance of being a mindful and ethical consumer, it is my pleasure to delve into some of the must have pieces for this approaching season. My wardrobe mainly consists of monochrome shades, but this is the one time of the year I will let beige, plum and orange creep in! So here are a few recurring trends I have noticed from perusing the Internet…

First of all, mules. For me, mules are that style of shoe that can bring together any outfit effortlessly – heeled or flat. They are so classic, simple and feminine. Their origins can be traced back as far as Ancient Rome and have maintained their role as a staple piece throughout history. My trusty pair of black Topshop mules have seen me through many a party season and posh event, so really, they aren’t a seasonal item at all! But they are very much appropriate for Autumn and Winter and have been a staple in the high street shops recently.

Depop is a goldmine for pieces like this, especially with the “Y2K” aesthetic that seems to be dominating at the moment, and mules fit right in! On the left are a pair of horsehair heeled mules from Office, and on the right are some Zara leather flats, with links to the items in the captions.

Next, chunky knitwear is a given for cold days but interestingly the sweater vest is a repeat offender this year, they’re everywhere! Think your grandad’s old golf gear chic… first seen by me from teenagers on TikTok, they are now popping up in the shops too. I think this one is a grower for me, I was unsure about cycling shorts and leather trousers too at first but now I couldn’t go without them!

Actually, as I type this, that dogtooth vest is growing on me… just thinking about an oversized, crisp white shirt underneath it, 20 denier black tights and black sock boots with an oversized shopper bag for a casual day look…

I’m losing track!

Thirdly, spring/summertime saw even more love for the tiny handbag (mostly from me) and it still seems to be popular now. Although it has a competitor, the rise of the 2000s baguette bag. I remember having a bright pink leather baguette bag when I was 7 and thought I was IT. It’s true what they say, trends always come back around eventually. They are chic, so small you can only fit your phone in and available in so many styles and colours. They are everywhere and it looks like they are set to stay for the season.

As I mentioned, you really can get them in any style – animal print, faux designer, shearling – but I selected two classic colours perfect for the upcoming season. Black because, well, it goes with everything and a burnt caramel to pair with white (and lilac?)

The last item on the list is the “shacket”. Completely obsessed with the word-merge. I believe it was first introduced in Topshop in 2014, but has become an essential piece of outerwear for all genders. I purchased a beige Stradivarius version of the shacket earlier this year and since have seen them popping up everywhere, predominantly championing a plaid pattern.

It’s not quite the commitment of a jacket, but it’s slightly thicker than a shirt and it’s key for some Pinterest-style layering in the upcoming season. Especially the leather version – only in 2020 could this make an appearance!

And that concludes my A/W 2020 write up. Considering all those hours I spend surfing the “New In”s, I should hope that I have a grasp on what’s hot and what’s not. Keep your eyes peeled for some more writing à la mode coming your way.

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