November can seem like a pretty miserable month at the best of times, especially so when England is in the midst of another national lockdown and Christmas hangs in the balance. But, if you are fortunate to live out-of-town or at least with some greenery in sight, we are afforded with the most incredible colour palette at this time of year.

To keep myself active (and sane) during Lockdown Series 2, I have resorted to regular walks around the village I live in. As someone who thrived during university enjoying city life, the remote countryside feels a million miles away from civilisation. However, it is beautiful and the scenery that totally envelops you is reminiscent of North American/Canadian tree-lined winding highways (or am I romanticising this too much…)

I zipped myself into my huge padded coat and slung my SLR strap over my shoulder and snapped a few vibrant pics (thanks Lightroom!).

And even played around with some Photoshop effects to mimic the falling leaves I couldn’t quite capture in time.

A hard time for many of us at the moment, but we just have to the embrace the beauty in life wherever we can find it.

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