My favourite jeweller of all time is without a shadow of a doubt Tiffanys… and this may or may not be influenced by my favourite film of all time (Audrey Hepburn, one guess) and my mum’s love of it too. I received the most beautiful keepsake for my 21st Birthday around a year and a half ago, a necklace from the iconic Paloma Picasso collection – a celebration of imagery around the olive branch. It would obviously be a dream come true to work for Tiffany’s social media and/or marketing team, but alas I am not quite there yet.

Inspiration struck today and I decided to mock up a sequence of Instagram story posts for the @tiffanyandco account (if you’re reading this I will allow you to use my ideas with appropriate credit of course…) and the Paloma Picasso collection.

I drew upon my amateur photography skills to photograph the necklace in situ – choosing a leafy background to compliment the olive branch inspiration, which features throughout the posts. I also utilised the actual hex code for the iconic Tiffany blue colour we all know and love, and copy from the original advertisement on the website – all rights reserved to Tiffany’s of course. I couldn’t choose between the first two images so I thought I would upload the both of them, and I imagine I will come back to edit this with more ideas – or just post a whole new blog entry. Enjoy!

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