It’s one thing graduating into a saturated job market, but it’s another story when we are also experiencing a pandemic and the worst recession for a long time. In all honesty, finding employment in my desired industry has been an uphill battle that I am still facing, but I’m really grateful for the fantastic companies that have at least given me a chance via interview or assessment task.

The most recent company I interviewed for was Boss Digital – a B2B marketing agency – for a Junior Copywriter role. Unfortunately after two rounds of assessment I wasn’t chosen to progress further, but considering I have 0 formal experience I was happy to have made it so far! Additionally, I was in contact with a really lovely girl called Catherine who could not have been more approachable and quick to respond.

So, regardless of the outcome I am still really proud of what I managed to create and present. For the second round I was tasked with analysing a local company in a variety of areas. I was given the task at 10am, had an hour to complete it and then present at 11am. A tight turnaround but achievable nonetheless.

The company was called Anavrin and their brand profile is as follows:

Their primary audience is entrepreneurial businesses, including tech start-ups or anyone else attempting to disrupt a market

  • They consider themselves to be forward thinking, creative and business minded
  • Geographically they focus on London and the Thames Valley

This was my title slide with my name and the company to analyse, Anavrin, clearly displayed.

The 4 key areas to address were the above. The first task was to take a look at their website and decide what I liked and disliked about its overall presentation and the UX.

What I liked: the colours aren’t too striking on the eye but eye catching enough to direct you to the most important areas such as their contact phone number at the top, then the all important “about us” section as you scroll down. It is aesthetically laid out well with the menu headlines showing the most important information.

Although I felt that it is quite simple and looking from the viewpoint of an entrepreneurial business person, it doesn’t look overly professional. I feel as though they could streamline the website using more sophisticated font and colour palette. The image on the landing page is largely irrelevant and distracting considering they cater to London and are business-minded. I thought they could put a COVID-related message at the top to let clients know they will help with that too, as some of their competitors have done. I felt they would benefit from a simpler landing page and from showcasing their accreditations more clearly at the top of their landing page so this is one of the first things a potential client sees.

The second task was to create three “content pillars” that I believed would resonate with this audience. So this audience consists of professional people, business people, who value straight forward but aesthetically pleasing design from a financial company.

Two of the key preliminary tasks are to firstly understand who your audience is and then think about what their needs are – what do they want to see? I decided that this audience would benefit from online services due to COVID, small business support and general tax support due to the higher number of people facing either unemployment, self-employment or a change in circumstances and I would base my content pillars around these topics.

I thought that the best way possible for Anavrin to do this would be through a blog or an Instagram page, offering live panels to virtually offer advice or introduce these topics, prompting clients to find out more. I thought that this would help them with their forward thinking initiative.

This was the first slide of two tackling the third task, writing an idea for a campaign that would spearhead all their digital activity and enable them to more effectively engage with their audience.

And this was the second!

The final part of the assignment was to create an example social asset with accompanying copy that would be used within this campaign.

I thought that the company would do well to make use of their shining testimonials and FAQs that are hidden away on their pages!

I created a mock Instagram post utilising a quote from their FAQ page, their logo and a stock image for vibrancy and to make the grid look more interesting. The accompanying copy is short and sweet and simply summarises to any potential clients that the business is available to support them at this time, directing them to the relevant contacts and utilising hashtags for visibility.

The interview process was, truthfully, quite difficult but only as I don’t have any formal experience in agency marketing – I enjoyed undertaking the research, compiling my ideas and presenting so much and I only hope this experience will help me going forward into a similar role.

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