Hello everyone!

I absolutely just cannot believe how we are over 2 weeks into the new year already, not that I’m complaining. The further away 2020 feels, the better.

The trials and tribulations of being an unemployed graduate from the previous year, however, have followed me into 2021 but I do have some good news.

Firstly, my most exciting news is that I reached out to a company called Cohorted, who provide luxury beauty boxes on a subscription basis, as they wanted blog writers to regularly contribute some articles in return for experience, exposure and some beauty treats! This is such a fantastic opportunity to have my own work published online and I cannot wait to get started in the next few weeks, the cogs in my brain are already turning.

Secondly, I set myself a bunch of goals on my marketing Instagram page this week, all of which I am so happy to say that I have achieved. It looked a little bit like this:

  • Monday: reinvent my brand, colour palette, logo and overall aesthetic of my page.
  • Tuesday: publish a creative post on my blog and adapt this for the Instagram.
  • Wednesday: publish a post all about my personal brand inspiration I explored on Monday.
  • Thursday: post something to break up the text, keeping it relevant, as well as a blog post detailing my most recent interview task and process.
  • Friday: publish a post outlining my thoughts and advice on using creative CVs.

I successfully achieved all of these! I’m so proud of this and the fact I have been job hunting alongside, which itself feels like a full time job. I also delved into my WordPress analytics and found that the 200+ visits I have had on my page in the last quarter have spanned the globe from the US, to Australia, to Russia, to the Philippines and more… is my SEO and use of hashtags really that good??

Lastly, I have been finalising plans with a lovely group of girls to launch an Instagram page/collective focusing on the challenges graduates are facing – supporting wellbeing, mental health and just providing a safe space to chat and get some advice from people that are also going through it!

A busy but nonetheless very exciting week and great start to 2021.

L x

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