Hi everyone,

I’d like to tell you all about my most recent project. In order to gain some experience and grow my portfolio, I decided to reach out to a small business on Instagram to offer some branding. Despite always having a creative eye, after a few months of getting to grips with Canva and Adobe I finally feel ready to start designing and creating professionally.

I reached out to the lovely Imogen (@silkmoments_) after receiving a follow from the account, selling beautifully handmade, 100% silk accessories. The account has a strong following, and I thought I’d enquire if they were interested in having some branding done for the page – luckily they said yes, and I worked with Imogen to establish a great rapport and idea of what they’d like.

Immediately I felt the page was feminine and floral, but Imogen confirmed this for me and reiterated the idea of pink, flowers and all things pretty, so I got stuck in to designing some initial concepts for the page.

Below is a gallery of the pages I created as part of my professional portfolio piece for the brand development, to showcase ideas to the brand as I came up with them. I mocked up the profile so they could see what the designs would look like in real time. I included the dried flowers and buzzwords on each slide to not only help with my inspiration for the project, but to reinforce their message and vision for the brand on everything I created for them.

And here’s a screenshot of my highlight covers master document…

Imogen told me she was fond of the symbols as highlight covers – which I too thought would give a simpler, classier feel to the page over text – and the duskier tones of pink as opposed to the brighter ones (like the shade of macarons, I said).

The concept for the logo is the initials of the brand name – Silk Moments = SM – but with the S reimagined as a thread through a needle, as the business makes hand-crafted goods.

In the end I created covers for 8 present and future highlights, including the ones you see now as well as customer photos and unboxing.

I presented the final designs with varying accent shades, and we agreed that the “S” needed to be more defined. I did this using Adobe Photoshop, which I also used to recolour the symbols that I couldn’t change in Canva.

So I got to work… and here the page is, before and after!

I’m so happy with the way it turned out, and the opportunity Imogen gave me to offer my so-called expertise (ha!). I think the page looks gorgeous and encapsulates their vision as a brand completely, and I wish them all the best in the future with their amazing handmade products!

Please visit to shop their 100% silk accessories.

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