Published on Cohorted Cult

Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my exciting update – my first article written for Cohorted Cult is now up and ready to read on their website! I chose to compile a Mother’s Day Gift Guide for 2021, pulling together a range of ideas and inspiration for all different budgets. I’m so happy with howContinue reading “Published on Cohorted Cult”


Hello everyone! I absolutely just cannot believe how we are over 2 weeks into the new year already, not that I’m complaining. The further away 2020 feels, the better. The trials and tribulations of being an unemployed graduate from the previous year, however, have followed me into 2021 but I do have some good news.Continue reading “LIFE UPDATE”


Last Christmas (and now you’ve got Wham! stuck in your head in November) I took a trip to my beloved London with my mum for some festivities and shopping and sightseeing. I am a total amateur photographer but I do love snapping photos everywhere I go, and so when I returned I used one ofContinue reading “MAGAZINE MOCK-UP.”