Hola everyone!

Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged! But all for a good reason. Since I last published back in April, I have landed a fantastic Marketing role at HeySpanish, an innovative, engaging company teaching Spanish to children of all abilities. I’ve also been contributing to Cohorted Cult every month and can nowContinue reading “Hola everyone!”

Campaign & Project Management Task: ASOS Beauty Calendar

As part of a recent job application, I was tasked with presenting answers and solutions to role-relevant situations for the agency Relish. Despite making it through to the final two candidates, they wanted to hire the both of us but unfortunately did not have the means to do so. However, due to my high standardContinue reading “Campaign & Project Management Task: ASOS Beauty Calendar”

Escentual Beauty Junior Copywriter Application

As part of an application for a Junior Copywriter position at Escentual, I was tasked with this: “In no more than 500 words, please write a short from editorial piece on a current beauty trend. Please reference the Escentual Brand Tone & Voice”. I’m elated to say I have progressed to the next stage andContinue reading “Escentual Beauty Junior Copywriter Application”


Hi everyone, I’d like to tell you all about my most recent project. In order to gain some experience and grow my portfolio, I decided to reach out to a small business on Instagram to offer some branding. Despite always having a creative eye, after a few months of getting to grips with Canva andContinue reading “SMALL BUSINESS – SOCIAL MEDIA BRANDING”


Hello everyone! I absolutely just cannot believe how we are over 2 weeks into the new year already, not that I’m complaining. The further away 2020 feels, the better. The trials and tribulations of being an unemployed graduate from the previous year, however, have followed me into 2021 but I do have some good news.Continue reading “LIFE UPDATE”


My favourite jeweller of all time is without a shadow of a doubt Tiffanys… and this may or may not be influenced by my favourite film of all time (Audrey Hepburn, one guess) and my mum’s love of it too. I received the most beautiful keepsake for my 21st Birthday around a year and aContinue reading “TIFFANY & CO SOCIAL MEDIA DEVELOPMENT”


Just a short one: A while ago I posted about how I completed a short internship with Fashion Consultancy London subsidiary Clothing Manufacturers UK, and today I saw my some of my work had been published on their blog! Here are the links to my articles if you would like to give them a read:Continue reading “MY WORK IS DIGITALLY PUBLISHED!”


Between 2014 and 2019, the number of vegans in the UK alone quadrupled. This lifestyle change to a plant-based diet has not only impacted the food industry, but fashion too as consumers look to adjust their shopping habits in all areas. It only really applies to leather, wool, suede (and so on…) goods but theContinue reading “WHAT IS VEGAN FASHION?”


Recently I took on the opportunity to improve and enrich my writing skills by undertaking a digital content writing position with Clothing Manufacturers UK. This involves writing 2 articles a day on a number of different fashion-related topics. As someone who, for lack of better phrasing, just LOVES anything and everything fashion-related, this is theContinue reading “WFH DIGITAL CONTENT WRITING – “WHAT IS CIRCULAR FASHION?””